About FXVerify

For over 10 years, Clear Markets Ltd., the parent company of CashBackForex.com, RebateKingFX.com and now FXverify.com, has been one of the top introducers of forex and CFDs trading accounts globally to virtually all of the world’s top forex brokers. 

FXVerify was created to fill a gap in the traditional review systems where ratings can be written by anyone, including the broker's employees and competitors, and non-account holders. FXVerify is the first-of-it's-kind impartial forex broker review website that allows ratings only from verified traders who truly trade with the broker they write a review for.
Our focus has always been giving our introduced clients the best tools to make the most informed decisions possible. We offer the forex community the opportunity to voice their likes and dislikes about the forex broker they are working with, in an impartial and safe environment.

FXVerify aims at becoming a reference for all forex traders willing to offer and share their input and recommendations to others, but also a complete and impartial resource for new traders (or unhappy ones) looking for a reputable and reliable forex broker.

FXVerify: Verified forex brokers reviews by real traders for real traders.

How we verify that a trader is a real customer of the broker

  1. Method 1: Every trader earning cash back rebates on their trades at one of our linked providers must firstly have their live trading account verified through the broker’s account database in order to earn rebates. These verified trading account holders are then prompted to write a review for brokers they hold a verified account with.
  2. Method 2: Any trader trading an MT4 or MT5 platform may input their read-only ‘investor’ login and password to prove they hold a live trading account with the broker they write a review for.

Problems that FXVerify impartial user rating system solves

  1. Fraudulent reviews: Fraudulent reviews by a broker’s competitor or their own employees are completely or vastly diminished as each trader must prove they have a real trading account with the broker along with exposing their personal information.
  2. Irrelevant reviews: Irrelevant reviews written by persons who don’t actually have a real trading account with the broker are disregarded.
  3. Accurate polling: Live trading account holders from the vast database of linked providers growing by over 1000 new accounts monthly are regularly polled to write reviews for broker’s they hold an account with. Traditional review systems inherently receive higher traffic from upset clients which may not fairly represent a true cross section of the broker’s user base. Polling client’s regularly balances this out and gives a better indication of a true cross-section of client experiences.
  4. 23 Languages: FXVerify is available in 23 languages and merges the experiences of global traders in each language by translating every review and displaying them in the reader's native language.
  5. Manual moderation: Each review is hand-moderated by an administrator.